Whispering Interpreting Service

Whispering interpreting is where the interpreter sits beside the person needing to understand the foreign language and whispers what is being said in the listener's ear.

No special equipment is required and all whispering interpreting is done near real time.

When the listener wishes to speak, their interpreter will then speak on their behalf.

The aim is to provide a personal interpreting service within a group, without impacting too much on the group as a whole.

Who is this service for?

There are various uses for the whispering interpreting service:

» Language interpreting requirement during group business or board meetings

» Attending group training course or conference

» Overseas factory visit or office visit


What are the benefits?

» Flow and fluidity of the group discussion is not lost or interrupted

» The non-language speaker gains an immediate understanding of any discussions

» Never miss out on an important conversation

Quality Assurance

Here at Intertran, we are committed to providing certified and highly experienced whispering interpreters. Everything is done to ensure the interpreter is fully prepared and ready to go when required. See our testimonials to find out what our client think of our service.

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