Market Research Interpreting Service

Our market research interpreting service is very common when foreign speaking companies want to gather and research local markets outside their countries of operations.

This can be worked as whispering interpreting, consecutive interpreting or simultaneous interpreting. It really depends on your requirements, who will attend and purpose of the research.

We can help arrange interviews with potential consumers in advance, to ensure when you arrive there is a schedule of interviews waiting. We manage this process very efficiently, and therefore your trip is as efficient and effective as possible.

We can create and develop reports if necessary, resulting from the meeting findings

Who is this service for?

There are various uses for the market research interpreting service:

» Consumer meetings to determine current usage of products

» Determine market demand

» Market and competitive research

» New market SWOT analysis

What are the benefits?

» Gather essential market data to ensure that you create the most effective marketing plan

» Leave the meeting arrangement to us, all you need to do is turn up

» Work with qualified and experienced market research interpreters.

Quality Assurance

Here at Intertran, we are committed to providing certified and highly experienced whispering interpreters. Everything is done to ensure the interpreter is fully prepared and ready to go when required. See our testimonials to find out what our client think of our service.


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