Client Testimonials

- Confidential (Manchester United Football Club, United Kingdom)

"Excellent Service"





- Confidential (Proctor & Gamble, Singapore Division)

"My interpreter delivered exactly what we asked for with excellent quality. I was impressed by not only the quality of your work but your professional attitude.

She did quite a bit of research in the industry before starting the work with us, asked the right questions, and was open to suggestions/discussions, all of which greatly helped us to get what we really needed from our research. I was most appreciative of how passionate she was in helping us. I look forward to working with you on future projects again."



- Robert Hartshorne (Ex Cantibus Gauduim Ltd, United Kingdom)

I have been working with my interpreter from Intertran and her team for over 3 years and now would be loathed to go anywhere else. The service provided is beyond expectation. She is not just an excellent interpreter – what sets her apart is her understanding of the Chinese business mindset. This is an invaluable asset to have in a country that is welcoming but can prove challenging if you are not used to Chinese thinking.

She and any of her team that I have used have always provided a professional, capable and calm attitude to the job. Particularly with Kerin, her reading of a situation and ability to switch to simultaneous translation, in order that you don’t lose the thread of a meeting, is very impressive.

You would be foolish not to use Intertran!



"Made my speech comfortable and enjoyable, I was particularly impressed how Kerin showed the same excitement as me!

- Wu Pei Ci (Actress, Taiwan)




- Shane O'Neil (Enter the Panda, China)

"Quick, Efficient & Accurate"


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