Our Processes


Step 1: Your account manager will arrange a call with you to determine your requirements.

Step 2: Upon receipt of your source file(s) your account manager will analyse and then create a plan of action that includes expected costs, timescales, actions and responsibilities. This will then be discussed with you to finalise and confirm acceptance.

Step 3: Once you have agreed and signed to continue, your account manager will search our translator database to determine the best fit for the project.

Step 4: The account manager will then contact the translator to give a full briefing, explaining and ensuring full understanding of the project plan.

Step 5: Once the translator has received the source document they will immediately start work using our translation management tool.

Step 6: At agreed points during the translation, the translator will send updates (and sometimes completed sections of translation) to your account manager, who will then discussed with you. Feedback is given and any changes to the plan can be made.

Step 7: The translator completes the first version of the translation, which is then sent to our proofreader to check. Suggestions are made and actioned upon, to finalise the document. Some services include revisions and to ensure high quality, it can take up to 3 revisions before we are 100% happy with the final translation.

Step 8: Your account manager will send you the final translated file(s) and arrange a call to discuss.

Step 9: Once you are happy and have confirmed acceptance of the translation, the project is completed and you will be issued with an invoice.

For translation projects under 2,000 words, the whole process described above can be completed within 24 hours.



Step 1: Your account manager will arrange a call with you to determine your requirements.

Step 2: Based on the information you provide, your account manager will search through our database of interpreters and select the interpreters that fit your requirements.

Step 3: The account manager will then speak to each interpreter identified to discuss the project, and ensure a high level of commitment and desire from the interpreter to partake in the assignment.

Step 4: The account manager will then either provide you with options from which you will select your desired interpreter, or select the best interpreter based on their findings and our experience. You will be provided with a quote for the projects interpretation services.

Step 5: Once you have agreed to the quote and signed to continue, you interpreters availability in our database is blocked and booked for your project.

Step 6: We arrange a suitable time for our interpreter to contact you to discuss your requirements. It is at this point the interpreter will want to really drill down into the nature of your business and assignments. What does your business do? What is the purpose of the assignment? What will be discussed? What is your website (for research)? Do you have any materials you can send the interpreter that will increase understanding.

Step 7: The interpreter will now digest any information you have given and complete any further research as required. This ensures your interpreter is 100% ready and as knowledgeable as possible, in time for the start of the assignment.

Step 8: On the day of the interpretation the interpreter will arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the assignment. A quick five-minute meeting with you will confirm any requirements, and give you the opportunity to discuss any new pieces of information or changes to timescales.

Step 9: The interpretation will begin. We suggest that the interpreter takes the opportunity to introduce themselves to all parties, giving a short description of their experience and how they plan to work. This ensures that all people present understand the interpretation process, and builds the confidence in the interpreter.

Step 10: During breaks, the interpreter will request a quick 2 minutes to ensure you are happy with the ways things are going, offer suggestions and discuss any issues.

Step 11: The assignment is complete, and at this point the interpreter will request some time with you to discuss and review the assignment (this can be done by telephone at a later date if you are short on time). The interpreter will look for feedback on their performance and suggestions of areas you feel require improvement. Your interpreter will also take this opportunity to give their feedback, and their suggestions going forward. More importantly, if required, your interpreter will be able to discuss their thoughts and opinions on other attendees of the meeting, and inform you if they feel that certain things were attempted to be hidden from you.

Step 12: The account manager will contact you one day after the assignment has completed to discuss and review the whole assignment. Following this, you will be issued with a final invoice.

Step 13: We request that all our clients provide us with an honest assessment of our services by giving us a testimonial. All testimonials are placed on our website (when agreement is received from the client).

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