Online Chat Interpreting Service

Internet chat, also known as Instant Messaging (IM), is becoming increasingly more popular as a way of communicating business.

As we know advance of the internet is making the world a smaller place, and attracting potential customers from other countries is getting easier. Many companies now have chat sections on their websites, where they can immediately (or plan) talk to their audience.

Intertran's online chat interpreting service removes the language barrier, by translating what each party types in real time. No longer do you have to miss those important enquiries that could turn into valuable sales.

There are many different IM platforms in use today, and they all work in a very similar fashion. The parties wishing to communicate log onto the system, and immediately can start a text conversation.

The chat interpreter will join you online and begin translating what each party is typing, a few seconds after you hit the return key.

We are able to work with publicly offered IM systems or private IM systems, it depends on your business requirements.

A useful function of IM, is that you can retain the text copy of the translation.

Who is this service for?

There are various uses for the online chat interpreting service

» Multilingual technical support

» Multilingual website customer service enquiries and sales

» Preliminary negotiations with overseas suppliers

» Communications with parts of the world where telephone or voice communications are below what is required, to have a quality voice conversation

What are the benefits?

» Cheap and efficient option

» Open up your website and offerings to more language speakers

» Real-time interpretation

Quality Assurance

Here at Intertran, we are committed to providing certified and highly experienced whispering interpreters. Everything is done to ensure the interpreter is fully prepared and ready to go when required. See our testimonials to find out what our client think of our service.

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