Video Interpreting Service

Video interpreting allows you to stream yourself via video and speak in your own language, whilst you audience watches in other locations and listens in their own language. This can be done from anywhere in the world over the internet, live and in real time.

A camera crew will transmit your event over the internet to specially trained simultaneous interpreters, who convert what is being said into our audiences preferred language.

The audio and video streams are then recombined and securely streamed to audience members over the internet.

Audience members can watch on their computer screens, or on large screen events.

Recordings can be made for later playback if required.

Who is this service for?

There are various uses for the video interpreting service

» International conferences

» Press conferences

» International investor relations briefings

Quality Assurance

Here at Intertran, we are committed to providing certified and highly experienced whispering interpreters. Everything is done to ensure the interpreter is fully prepared and ready to go when required. See our testimonials to find out what our client think of our service.


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