Simultaneous Interpreting Service

Simultaneous interpreting involves one (or more) interpreters translating the words being spoken, and speaking these to many listeners through the use of headphones.

Simultaneous interpreters sit in a sound-proof booth and interpret in real time, therefore the speaker does not need to know their words are being interpreted.

A common example of this can be seen during news programmes on television, showing such conferences as the United Nations' conferences.

Consecutive interpreting required only the best, most qualified and experienced interpreters. The sheer pace, intense nature of the work, requires total focus and confidence.

Our consecutive interpreters are the best in the game, and have many years experience of consecutive interpreting assignments. It is not a project we take lightly. Great planning and organising are required to ensure a smooth and successful event.

It is important to note that special equipment is required, such as a soundproof booth, microphones and headphones. If this is not already arranged, we can arrange for our experienced audio-visual experts to set up the venue in advance.

Consecutive interpreting is not an area to attempt cost cutting. Due to the very nature of the service, it is important the best possible people and equipment are prepared and ready for the assignment.

Who is this service for?

There are various uses for the simultaneous

» Multinational Annual General Meetings (AGMs)

» International product launches

» Global sales presentations

» Multinational conferences

» Multinational business meetings

What are the benefits?

» Ideal when you have a large audience with many different language speakers

» Excellent efficiency and fluidity of interpretation

» Private and highly professional service

Quality Assurance

Here at Intertran, we are committed to providing certified and highly experienced whispering interpreters. Everything is done to ensure the interpreter is fully prepared and ready to go when required. See our testimonials to find out what our client think of our service.

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